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Plaque Gifts

With Mother’s Day and Graduation Day around the corner, there are plenty of gifts to purchase for those special people in your life.  But what should you get? One hot item that is on our radar are desk plaques.

We know, we know.      Your probably thinking wtf would you get them a desk plaque ?

But, these aren’t your traditional desk plaques. The traditional desk plaques have your name on them so that people can easily identify you. But now, your name has been replaced with cute saying or phrases.

Here are some we found in TJ Maxx:


Below are some desk plaques we found for moms and graduates online at Papyrus:

The best thing about these plaques are that they are really inexpensive, so they make the perfect addition to any gift and if your low on funds they are great alone. If you want to get really sassy with your message you can get plaques such as the ones we found online from He Said, She Said below:

Which desk plaque will you choose?  Whichever one you decide on, we are sure the receiver will love it!

Happy Shopping!!

Practically Impractical

Have you ever seen something so cute that it was love and buy at first sight.  You grab the item, get to the register, whip out your card but then you thought:

“What am I going to do with this?”

Well, that’s how we often feel.  We see something we like but then wonder what exactly are we going to do with this item.  From time to time we will share some of the most impractical items we love.  We aren’t telling you not to purchase these items, we just want you to think about what purpose these items will serve.  There is nothing like a case of buyers remorse after the return/exchange period has passed or worse – the no refund policy that some stores have (cringe). Sometimes your reason for purchasing these practically impractical things could be because your grown and thats what you want to do.  But hey, that is perfectly alright with us. 

Refurbished rotary phones are impractical but we love them! Check out our favorites below and tell us which one is your favorite! 

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