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Mules Rule!





Mules have come back with a vengeance!  At Classic Phunk we’ve been eyeing them since the winter.  With so many different styles there is a mule for everyone.  They are also a shoe that can be worn all four seasons which makes them an essential item for your wardrobe. Here are a few of our favorites!



Neiman Marcus never disappoints:




Nordstrom had some great ones as well:



Which ones would you rock? Let us know!

Put A Cork In It!



Here at Classic Phunk we love to sip on wine, bubbly and spirits.  Not only do we sip but we accessorize them as well.

What’s a nice bottle of wine without a little pizazz?

Wine stoppers are not only resourceful, but they can be beautiful and a great conversation piece.  Here are a few of our favs!



We found these beauties at Bed Bath and Beyond:

IMG_0907IMG_0921IMG_0922If you are going for the chic stopper these are located at Bloomingdales:

IMG_0914We also found some eclectic stoppers were found at Zulily’s:IMG_0918





Which stoppers do you love?  We’re pretty sure you phunksters will choose fabulously!




We love inspirational things here at Classic Phunk! They are serious motivation for us. Affirmations can get you through some rough times. Those little jewels can boost you up and give you the extra confidence you need to get through the day.  So when I saw wearable affirmations I had to indulge!

One day I was scrolling down Instagram and a lady I was following was wearing the cutest ring. She tagged the designer and it was on! I went straight to and purchased my “Be Brave” ring immediately. Why did I chose “Be Brave”? Because I need to feel the fear and do it anyway! Looking at that ring on my finger everyday is just a small reminder that I have work to do.

So if you feel the need to affirm yourself, then do it with style and head on over to NLS jewelry.






Click here to check out all of the beautiful jewelry at NLS!

Cellphone Case Phunk



Here at classic phunk we believe that everything should be done with style, including everyday essentials. For the month of April we’d like to highlight cell phone cases. They are a necessity that keeps our electronic lifelines protected. Not only do we want it protected, but it must phunky! Here are a few of our favs. Enjoy!

Click here to visit Stella McCartney Panther iPhone 7 Case

Click here to visit Moschino Rat-a-Porter iPhone 7 Case

 Click here to visit La Mela Michelangelo iPhone 7 Case

Click here to visit Kate Spade New York Pompom iPhone 7 Case

Click here to visit Zero Gravity Echo Southwestern iPhone 7 Case

Click here to visit Zero Gravity Black Marble iPhone 7 Case

Click here to visit Kate Spade Camera Appliqué iPhone 7 Case

Click here to visit Rebecca Minkoff Smartphone Crossbody

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